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Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Franklin, IN

Look for foundation repair or basement waterproofing in Franklin, Indiana? You’ve come to the right place! Having a solid foundation under your home or business is crucial to the longevity of the building. Most of the signs of a failing foundation can be subtle, or happen little-by-little over time, and therefore go mostly unnoticed. Don’t let these common signs compromise the integrity of your home or business: 

  • Diagonal cracks at corners of doors and windows
  • Uneven floors
  • Door or window frame separation from wall 
  • Cracked moulding
  • Water infiltration
  • Leaning walls

Locally owned and operated, our experienced professionals at SmartCrawl have seen it all and have the proper tools and comprehensive solutions to keep your foundation stable. We care about our customers and take pride in the work we get to do for you. Have questions? Give us a call

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Basement Waterproofing in Franklin, Indiana

Water infiltration in the basement of your home or business is not something we take lightly at SmartCrawl. Our team of skilled professionals know just how serious it can be when water finds its way inside. In order to avoid mold growth, compromise to structural integrity, and a whole host of other issues, we offer both interior and exterior waterproofing, as well as comprehensive drainage solutions. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Franklin, Indiana Crawl Space Repair

Most homeowners don’t have a reason to regularly venture into their crawl spaces, which means that significant problems, such as water infiltration, mold, and other damaging issues, can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. Luckily, our local, experienced professionals at SmartCrawl are well-versed in all things crawl space repair. 

Let our skilled team repair your crawl space with one or more of the following solutions: 

Franklin, Indiana Crawl Space Encapsulation

Surprisingly, 50% of your indoor air originates in your crawl space. That means it’s vital to keep the integrity of your crawl space high. At SmartCrawl, we offer comprehensive crawl space encapsulation solutions to ensure the longevity of your crawl space. 

Even small amounts of water in your crawl space can lead to mold, damage to your foundation, and reduced indoor air quality. Let our professionals at SmartCrawl help you with crawl space encapsulation, which has a number of great benefits, including low maintenance protection, improved indoor air quality, a pest-free space, and cost-effective protection. Get started with a free estimate

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