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Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Whiteland, IN

Similar to the upkeep of the rest of your home or business, maintaining your foundation is vital to the integrity of your home. Regularly checking for issues is a great way to catch a problem early on and avoid any unforeseen costs. A few signs to look for include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaning chimney
  • Cracks in your wall or ceiling
  • Wet or damp basement or crawl space

If you notice any of these signs and you live in the Whiteland, IN area, SmartCrawl is just a phone call away with a free estimate. We offer leading foundation repair and basement waterproofing services.

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Foundation Repair SolutionBasement Waterproofing in Whiteland, IN

As a locally-owned business, SmartCrawl takes the integrity of our customers’ homes seriously. If you notice any damp or wet areas in your basement – water dripping down the walls, leaking pipes, standing water, etc. – we’d love to hear from you. Catching these problems early on can help minimize the cost.

Keeping water out of your basement can help you avoid mold growth, damage to structural integrity, and damage to living space.

Crawl Space Repair in Whiteland, IN

While your crawl space might not be top of mind when it comes to home maintenance, it is a vital component to a healthy home. Any moisture that gets trapped in your crawl space could lead to mold and mildew growth and reduced indoor air quality.

Our highly trained experts can help you fix any existing issues and get rid of any unwanted pests living in your crawl space through a variety of affordable solutions:

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Whiteland, IN

The trained and experienced professionals at SmartCrawl are ready to help you with your crawl space encapsulation. While a little bit of water in your crawl space might not seem like a big deal, it can quickly create a big problem for your home. Not only can it lead to structural damage, it can create mold and reduce the quality of your indoor air. Create a cleaner, healthier environment for your family with our effective waterproofing system. You’ll get low maintenance, cost-effective protection, a pest-free space, and improved indoor air quality.

Call SmartCrawl today for a free estimate.

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