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Serving not only Indianapolis but a large part of Central Indiana, SmartCrawl specializes in services that help home and business owners create a stable, healthy environment. Our qualified and experienced staff work to help property owners  maintain a dry and stable home or business with solutions like foundation repair, and basement waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive selection of services, including:


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How crawl space repair can help your home.

Encapsulating your crawl space or installing a vapor barrier will go a long way to help stop mold growth, humidity issues, wood decay and insects. Couple the encapsulation with a perimeter drain, sump-pump, commercial-grade dehumidifier and proper insulation can ensure that your home is protected from the issues that plague so many crawl spaces today!

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Serving the state of Indiana, SmartCrawl specializes in services that help home and business owners create a stable, healthy environment. Our qualified and experienced staff work to help property owners have a dry and stable home!


While selling my home, the buyer had a home inspection done and they found issues in the crawl space that needed immediate attention. Craig at SmartCrawl went above and beyond to make sure the work was done correctly and would be approved during the follow up inspection. If it weren’t for Craig and his team, we would have never closed the deal on selling our home. SmartCrawl is the only company I would recommend for any crawl space or waterproofing job.

Connor F. .

We received multiple quotes from companies when we were looking for mold remediation and preventative services. We decided to go with Craig from SmartCrawl as his prices were very reasonable and at that point, was easy to get a hold and very straightforward on the project. The remediated the mold that was in the crawl space and then suggested we needed to have a sump pump and dehumidifier installed to further protect the space from having the same issues down the road. SmartCrawl did an excellent job and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing mold remediation done.

Doris K. .

We hired SmartCrawl to come out and waterproof our basement after we had experienced issues during heavy rains. Craig came out and explained different options that we could do to help remedy the issues we were having. After listening to Craigs recommendations we decided to have them install a sump pump, drainage all around and they laid a moisture barrier in the crawl space. The team was very knowledgeable and took the time to communicate with us through the entire process. We would recommend SmartCrawl.

Roger S. .

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We are confident in our products and services at SmartCrawl and that is why the majority of our services come with a 25-year warranty. Our team covers our Warranty Plan during the planning stages of your project.

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Home Repair Services can be costly but let SmartCrawl help ease the burden with our financing options that we have available. Give us a call today to get more details!

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