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bl-icon July 26, 2022
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6 Incredible Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Looking for a Healthier, More Comfortable, More Efficient Home?
Encapsulation May Be for You

If you are like most homeowners or property owners, your basement is unfinished – and it
could be hurting you.
While unfinished basements have been the standard in this region for decades, homeowners
are now seeing the benefits of basement encapsulation – and how a little bit of work in your
basement can result in a home that is more comfortable, healthier, and more efficient.
Just what is basement encapsulation, and how can it benefit your home or building? Let’s look
at that in more detail.

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?
Encapsulation of your basement or crawlspace is the process of covering the walls and
exposed earthen floors with a layer of thick plastic sheeting. This sheeting is similar to and
performs a similar role as a pool liner, although instead of holding the water in, it keeps it out.
While water in your basement or crawlspace may be common in Indiana, especially during
times of heavy precipitation, do not underestimate the amount of damage that water or
moisture can do.
Water in your basement or crawlspace can make your entire home less healthy to live in and
less comfortable for everyone in it. This is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners
are opting for an encapsulated crawl space.

In the crawlspace encapsulation process, a team of professionals lays down a layer of plastic
vapor barrier ranging in thickness from 6 mil to 20 mil. The thicker the material is, the longer it
will last and the more it will resist tears and punctures.

6 Reasons Why You Need Crawlspace Encapsulation for Your
Home or Building

SmartCrawl is a regional leader in crawlspace encapsulation and basement encapsulation.
We’ve worked with homeowners around the region to safely and affordably encapsulate their
basements and crawlspaces in response to moisture issues.
Moisture in your basement can translate into moisture throughout your entire home, and it can
lead to major problems for your home’s structural integrity as well as the health of you, your
family, and all of your guests. However, crawlspace encapsulation offers the following

Crawl Space Repair
  1. By keeping moisture out of your basement your entire home will be less humid. This
    will reduce mold, fungus growth, wood rot, and more.
  2. Removing moisture makes it less likely your home will be moldy. Mold can be one of
    the biggest threats to your house, and can endanger your health and the health of
    those who live in your home. Plus, if it develops, mold can be extremely difficult and
    expensive to remove. In comparison, a crawlspace liner is much more affordable.
  3. Removing moisture can help control many of the problems you may be having with
    pests. Those may include rodents, termites, and other unwanted insects.
  4. A drier home will mean you have to use your heater less in the winter. This will result
    in near-instant savings.
  5. By maintaining a dry basement or crawlspace, the area becomes more usable and can
    be used for extra storage without worrying that your items will become moldy
  6. Your indoor air quality will be much better. Troubled by indoor air quality or bothered
    by sinus issues? High humidity and all of the problems that come with it can be solved
    with encapsulation.
    Other Basement Waterproofing Tools

While encapsulation using a fitted plastic liner is a great way to keep moisture and water out
of your basement, at SmartCrawl, we have a variety of other methods and tools that can be
used for more persistent water problems. These include:
● Sump pump installation: When your basement or crawlspace is really wet, and
consistently so, a sump pump may be called for. A sump pump is a pump that removes
water that has collected in a sump basin in your basement or crawlspace. The pump
picks up the water and feeds it into your sewer drain or the soil outside.
● French drains: French drains can be installed in your basement or crawlspace or on the
outside of your home. French drains used perforated pipes and gravel laid in a shallow
trench to collect water and slowly move it away from areas that you want to keep dry.
● Downspout extensions: If basement moisture is caused by rain runoff from your roof,
one simple thing we can do is to simply extend your downspouts away from your home
so gutter runoff has less of a chance of getting through your foundation.
● Catch basins: Catch basins are small, dry ponds that are constructed outside your
home. These ponds can look like normal landscaping features but are designed cleverly
to capture runoff away from the home and then let it slowly sink into the ground.
● Basement Defender™ System: The Basement Defender is a wifi-enabled detection
system that monitors your sump pump and tests it to ensure it is working properly. The
Basement Defender can then send a text alert to your phone to tell you if the pump is
not working properly or if excessive water is detected in the basement.

Why You Should Choose SmartCrawl for Your Crawl Space
SmartCrawl offers professional foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawlspace
encapsulation. Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to serving homeowners and
property owners in Indianapolis, Franklin, and surrounding areas.
SmartCrawl was started by Craig DuKate, who worked in carpentry, masonry, and construction
management roles before seeing the need to create healthier homes and the benefits that
crawlspace encapsulation could bring to homeowners and their families.
While crawlspace encapsulation is one of our specialties, we will handle almost anything that
your basement can throw at us, including foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and
radon mitigation. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today- 317.868.8444